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After many years of struggling with his own health, Daniel Sanelli (casually known as Primo) started his journey in finding health and wellness that has guided him to what is now one of his greatest passions: serving the greater community with his expertise in functional nutrition and his talent for teaching and coaching others in changing for the better. 

After earning a bachelors degree in Business Administration at Golden Gate University, Daniel struggled through several corporate jobs and sales positions. This was not feeding his spirit of self-improvement and his desire to nudge others to refine themselves as well. Daniel's health issues continued to surface into his 30's and it prompted him to consider a career in a health field. He wanted answers to his own ales. And helping others live better quality lives could satisfy Daniel's altruistic ideals about work and finding a calling more than a job.

Now prompted to search for something to fill the void in his professional life Daniel discovered and continued his studies at Bauman College of Nutrition in Berkeley, CA. This first program was his first major milestone in improving his health and it has certifed him to coach and educate others in how to aspire for health and vitality using nutrient dense foods and being mindful.

After completing the Nutrition Educator program, Daniel studied Holistic Health Education at John F. Kennedy University earning 100's of hours in graduate studies that complemented the foundation he was building towards his goal to educate. Daniel's mentors and esteemed professors steered him into a clinical nutrition program at the University of Bridgeport where he earned a Master of Science degree in Human Nutrition.

The perpetual student in Daniel does not allow him to rest and he continues to add certifications and post graduate hours to his accomplishments including the areas of gluten sensitivity, personal coaching and functional nutrition. He has been working with clients since 2010 alongside other like-minded practitioners and colleagues. After studying for many years and putting his knowledge to use successfully in his own life, his vision and journey continues to be realized in what is now his own growing practice in functional nutrition and healing therapies called Primo Health Coach in San Francisco, CA. Daniel Sanelli is a seasoned entrepreneur, visionary and educator with a desire to help others that is rivaled by none.

Personal Vision:

Daniel Sanelli envisions a world in which everyone has the opportunity to live to a vibrant old age and where lifestyle influenced degenerative disease does not exist.

Personal Mission:

Daniel Sanelli aspires to educate the world one person at a time to make lifestyle choices that encourage health, vitality, sustainability and personal growth; and to empower them to carry on this vision.

  • By building a nutrition and lifestyle practice that coaches the individual on healthy eating and lifestyle choices that would enable them to live at their peak wellness.
  • By empowering those individuals with practical skills to carry this vision into their homes and communities.
  • By creating a spirit of health and wellness within the community through seminars and community services.
  • By incorporating a simple and successful system of healthy eating and living that can be easily followed by any individual.
  • By teaching individuals to value wellness and enjoy living vibrant lives by experiencing these things first hand.
  • By creating partnerships with complementary practitioners that touch on some of the other aspects of our wholeness.
  • By building a strong online presence that offers virtual health and nutrition coaching, as well as education through webinars, blogs and social media.