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After many years of struggling with his own health, Daniel Sanelli (casually known as Primo) started his journey in finding health and wellness that has guided him to what is now one of his greatest passions: serving the greater community with his expertise in functional nutrition and his talent for teaching and coaching others in changing for the better. 

Primo has uniquely taken his knowledge of functional medicine, reached out further into the world of biohacking (a systems-thinking approach to human biology), incorporated the use of tools of technology and adjunct therapies to develop an approach to the fine-tuning of the human body that results in optimal personal health - Primo Health.

The signature program that Primo has developed is a comprehensive plan for anyone wanting to optimize their health by fine-tuning their diet and lifestyle with the help of evidence-based metabolic function restoration protocols based in the wisdom of functional nutrition. At the core of this process is the unique and thorough health assessment and analysis required to design a personalized wellness plan that includes functional blood chemistry analysis, genetic testing and medical body composition analysis. By identifying the subtle nuances of each client's biochemistry, Primo Health is able to pinpoint the steps and details of a successful optimal health program.

It is easy to measure the success of the team at Primo Health Coach by reading testimonials, or just spending 15 minutes on the phone with Primo for a free consultation that he generously offers all new clients. In just two words, it works!

Primo Health Vision

Primo Health imagines a world where all people are empowered with the knowledge and tools to enjoy a healthy and vibrant life to the best of their abilities and given the body, mind and the resources they inherited.

Primo Health Mission

Primo Health will coach his community in the optimization of personal health by persuading daily lifestyle choices that encourage vitality, personal growth and longevity through the principles of functional nutrition and the use of supportive technology. Primo Health will empower individuals to carry on this same vision in their own lives and families, leaving behind a legacy of wellness.

  • DESIGN A SIMPLE AND APPROACHABLE SYSTEM: By developing a simple and practical system of healthy living that can be easily grasped and implemented by anyone.
  • UTILIZE CUTTING-EDGE ASSESSMENT TECHNIQUES: By using cutting-edge technology and an evidence-based approach to helping individuals assess their current state of wellbeing, and then showing them the potential for betterment and optimization of their lives by making positive change.
  • PROVIDE EVIDENCE-BASED PROTOCOLS: By building an organization in functional nutrition and a healthy living that is rooted in empirical evidence that guides the individual on healthy eating and lifestyle choices that would enable them to live at their peak wellness.
  • HAND OVER THE TOOLS FOR SUCCESS: By empowering those individuals with the practical skills and tools to carry this vision into their homes and communities.
  • INSPIRE PEOPLE TO APPRECIATE THE JOY OF LIVING HEALTHY: By teaching individuals to value wellness and enjoy living vibrant lives by experiencing these things first hand.
  • EXPAND IMPACT OF THIS MESSAGE THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA: By creating a spirit of health and wellness within the greater community through the use of social media and marketing in order to deepen the scope and reach of our mission.
  • FIND LIKE-MINDED PEERS AND INFLUENCERS: By creating partnerships and alliances with complementary visionaries that bridge any gaps to the mission of obtaining the pinnacle of human wholeness and a life worth living.
  • BUILD THIS MISSION THROUGH THE PRIMO HEALTH BRAND: By building a brand that facilitates health assessment, virtual coaching and functional nutrition education through all relevant forms of media that enhance the realization of our mission.