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After working with clients for over a decade, I have narrowed down the services I offer to one program - the Primo Health Program. The Primo Health Program is a personalized program, unique to you. Using functional nutrition science, I develop a personalized functional medicine protocol to help you optimize your health. For me to develop successful personalized functional nutrition protocols, it is critical for me to thoroughly and accurately assess your current health status, and to set a baseline and keep a record of health history and any changes or improvements.

A thorough assessment may uncover developing health concerns that are not yet diagnosable, but we can make a plan using diet and smart supplementation to slow down or even stop their progression. I hope to identify these issues and possible weaknesses in your biochemistry so that we can put you on a plan that is best for you. We want to get to the root cause of problems and consider all other facets of life that can have an impact on your health.

My program includes an Initial Health Assessment with the optional Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis (FBCA). With the FBCA option I am able to more precisely determine your nutritional needs and can design a more effective protocol to help you achieve optimal health. This add-on comes highly recommended.

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seca-man-scale.pngInitial Health Assessment 

  • Disclose medical history and any relevant details using our online metabolic assessment intake forms. This will help reveal your biggest health concerns, symptoms and complaints about your body.
  • Includes a VIRTUAL consultation with the clinical nutritionist to go over responses and possible nutritional issues as suggested by the written assessments. We will discuss a functional nutrition approach to supporting any already existing concerns and preventing the development of more chronic conditions in the future.
  • Client will receive a personalized protocol with recommendations for changes in diet, supplements and lifestyle. And depending on the client's health concerns, some combination of functional nutrition metabolic restoration programs may be advised. 

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blood_tests-resized-600.jpgInitial Health Assessment with Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

There really is no better health assessment that is more efficient and effective than a comprehensive blood test. We have a long history of using blood markers for evaluating health status. It will also establish a baseline that can be used to track a person's health over time. When added to the Initial Health Assessment (the above is included in this analysis as well) it provides both the nutrition professional and the client peace of mind knowing that a thorough screening has taken place. The study includes comprehensive blood panels (these alone could cost you over $1000 if you had to pay for them individually), a total health and nutrition analysis using results of the blood tests, urinalysis and results of the functional nutrition health assessments. And all this is delivered to the client in a complete Functional Health Report with detailed nutritional recommendations including diet and smart supplements. Have your blood tests analyzed for optimal nutritional levels and take a preventative approach to your health and vitality.

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