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As discussed on the Health Assessments page, it is good practice to have a thorough health evaluation before coaching a client on any nutrition program or diet direction. It is important to know that all the organ systems and metabolic processes are functioning well and don't need special attention before moving forward. Hopefully by now you have had your Initial Health & Nutrition Assessment and we have discussed the benefits of the functional nutrition programs to either support the realignment of any nutritional discrepancies we may have found in your assessments, or to start you on your plan for optimal health and disease prevention.

Gut Repair Program

The functional medicine 4R approach to improving digestion and healing a leaky gut in four to six weeks. The basic starter kit for the Gut Repair Program includes:

  • Basic supplements needed for approximately 4 - 6 weeks of the gut repair protocol, followed by 2 weeks of detoxification and liver support.
  • Download link for the Complete Gut Repair Guide with detailed diet, instructions, menus and recipes
  • 2 hours of coaching time to introduce client to the program and help with the reintroduction of foods during the challenge phase.
  • Follow up digital communications (emails, texts) to answer questions while you're on the program
  • Health & Nutrition Assessment retake included (follow up blood tests not included)
  • Optional add-on coaching time (2 hours recommended)

The basic Gut Repair Program Kit with 2 hours coaching time can be purchased in our online store. 

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d360_kit_gl-303212-edited.pngDetox 360 Program

A four week integrative detoxification and nutrition education program. The Detox 360 Starter Kit that includes:

  • Supplements needed for four weeks of the detox program
  • A complete workbook and two DVD's with weekly nutrition lessons, suggested menus and recipes
  • 1 hour of coaching time to introduce the client to the program
  • Follow up digital communications (emails, texts) to answer quick questions 
  • Optional add-on coaching time (2 hours recommended)

Purchase the Detox 360 Starter Kit separately in our online store. Note: the program coaching intro and the starter kits must be purchased separately on our website.

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Functional-Healing.pngTotal Primo Health Membership

Clients that desire a completely comprehensive and long term program that is fully supervised by the clinical nutritionist can invest in and participate in designing their personalized wellness plan. The Total Primo Health Membership is a 6 month commitment and will include a thorough assessment (including the Funcitonal Blood Chemistry Analysis), subsequent recommendations for diet, lifestyle and smart supplementation as well as many other benefits. The membership also includes the coaching hours needed for the 6 months of the plan. 

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