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Adjunct can mean to "join together" or to "combine," and adjunctive therapy is an additional or secondary therapy combined with a primary treatment that increases effectiveness in treating a condition. Health  practitioners use this therapy approach frequently to get better healing rates or a faster response to primary treatment. It can take many different forms. Some adjunct therapy involves using more than one medicine to treat something. Other times, several different treatment strategies or types or care are employed simultaneously.

In my functional nutrition practice I have researched and found that there are many ways to improve nutritional health and cleanse the body of toxins. At our clinic in San Francisco we have employed some of these therapies in combination with a personalized health and nutrition plan to optimize progress for our clients. However, these detox therapies can also stand alone and serve as a tool to optimize health and achieve other health benefits as a part of a long term health and wellness plan.

Sunlighten Infrared Sauna with A.R.T. Sound TherapySunlighten-Logo.jpg

Starting at $60 per session, package rates available

The mPulse Series is the only sauna series to offer near, mid and far infrared technology for targeted results. Featuring a 10.1” Android control panel, 6 wellness programs, highest quality eco-friendly wood options (hypoallergenic basswood, western Canadian cedar and eucalyptus), Magne-Seal assembly and ergonomic, floating benches, the mPulse is the smartest sauna on the planet.

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Ionic Detox TherapyIONBath_Foot_Bath_1.png

Starting at $50 per session, package rates available

The amazing IONBath units are the most technologically advanced detoxification ionic foot baths available in the world. The IONBath Platinum Edition delivers 28 therapeutic frequencies. Using frequencies to support the detoxification process has traditionally been held harmless and free of side effects. A doctor’s best prescription is prevention, and the best place to start is by eliminating toxins.

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Full Detox Sessions

Starting at $110 for a single session

Combine the Ionic Detox Therapy with the Infrared Sauna with A.R.T. Sound Therapy into one session for optimal detox benefits and an exhilirating experience. Including a series of Full Detox Sessions at regular intervals during an initial cleanse is an excellent way of maximizing the benefits of a comprehensive metabolic detoxification program.

A Full Detox Session includes an Ionic Detox session (24 mins) followed by an Infrared Sauna Session with A.R.T. Sound Therapy and your choice of preset programs (30-45 mins) - $110.00 
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