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Daniel Sanelli, M.Sc.
Clinical Nutritionist
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Megan Knipp, NC
Nutrition Consultant |Wellness Coach
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Are you wondering what functional nutrition is and how it may help you optimize your health? We're here to answer your general questions about functional nutrition and related topics. This meeting will be by phone and will not cover specifics about your health, interpret laboratory tests or make any specific recommendations. As functional nutritionists we take seriously the importance of assessing each individuals health and nutrition status in order to recommend a personalized protocol. And that takes some time.

However, I do offer a Free 15 Health & Nutrition Consultation that is more specific and we can go more into depth with your questions. But that meeting will require a little more work on your part. You can schedule that in depth appointment at the following LINK.

Otherwise, please book your free general health discovery call on the calendar below.