If you have unexplained health issues, digestive problems, poor sleep, lack of energy, unhealthy weight gain or weight loss, then you could benefit from the help of an experienced and well educated health coach. I have a strong background in clinical nutrition and have benefited from the mentoring of this country's leaders in functional medicine. Functional medicine is the evidence based approach to healing the body by finding the root causes of illness and starting there rather than just masking symptoms with pills and unnecessary surgeries.

If you have never consulted with me before, I offer a FREE 15 minute consultation where we can discuss your health concerns or questions about nutrition. In this amount of time I will know if we are a good fit or not. If I don't think I can help you because your issues are not within my scope of practice, I will direct you to someone that I'm confident is better qualified. I'm available to discuss your symptoms, health concerns and wellness goals. I'm also here to guide you in the selection of the right supplements for you, and their proper and intended use.

Just pick a date and time on the calendar above. I'm often available right away! To encourage you even more, I will give you a discount code for 10% off of your next purchase in our store and will explain how you can get 10% off of all future supplement purchases through Primo Health Coach.