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New Client Forms

Client Consent Form

Those who are going to receive nutrition consultation services with the Clinical Nutritionist have to complete the Client Consent  before the scheduled appointment. This form is also required for those who are taking advantage of the Free 15 Minute Conusultation. 

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Sauna Consent Form

Those who are coming into the clinic for Infrared Sauna and/or Ionbath Foot Spa therapy should complete the Sauna Consent form either online or at the clinic prior to their session.

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Register GxSLIM DNA Test Kit

Those who have purchased the GxSlim DNA-Based Weight Management Program must register their kit and complete the Personal Health Questionnaire and Consent form before submitting their DNA specimen. The Test Kit ID is on the test tube in your sample collection kit and is a 14 digit number. You will need this number to begin the registration process.

Register Kit

Health Evaluation Profile Questionnaire

The Health Evaluation Profile Questionnaire is for all new clients who will be consulting with the Clinical Nutritionist. This form is recommended for those who are also taking advantage of the Free 15 Minute Conusultation. 

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Clinical Assessment Forms

Complete both of these clinical metabolic assessment forms if you will be doing any nutrition programs or consultation time with the Clinical Nutritionist. Please complete them at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. These are not required for the Free 15 Minute Consultation, but may be helpful in determining if the client and practitioner should work together.

Metabolic Assessment Form

Assessment 1

Neurotransmitter Assessment Form

Assessment 2

Toxicity Profile Questionnaire

Assessment 3