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Megan is a certified Nutrition Consultant and fellow graduate of Bauman College’s Holistic Nutrition Consultant Program. She specializes in Digestive Wellness, Weight Management, Women’s Health, and Stress Reduction.

Grounded in the Functional Nutrition, Megan believes in using food as a safe and powerful tool for healing. Please visit Megan's website for more information on her integrative approach to nutrition.  

Megan Knipp
Certified Nutrition Consultant
p: (415) 340-2365

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Josh is a student of BioHacking, coaching, Quantified Self and mindfulness. He is passionate about remembering and passing on old wisdom that humanity has discovered and refined over millennia, while also leveraging new technologies to fast track learning and transformation. He has a working background in training, instruction and performance improvement and is currently a candidate for certification through the Bulletproof Training Institute’s Human Potential Coach and mindfulness programs.

Josh seeks to identify the client’s values, strengths and learning style to inform an individualized approach. Through a series of coaching conversations, client and coach together explore and fine-tune specific developmental goals and action plans.  It’s Josh’s aim to empower the client to identify and use their own internal resources to achieve growth and development. Of course, he also has a ready arsenal of tools and biohacks to offer. The main objective is to always keep the client in the driver’s seat as action plans are made, implemented, monitored and adjusted. 

The underlying presupposition: you know who you are and how you grow better than anyone else.
His work: to help you find and use those powerful inner resources.

Joshua Hammack
Bulletproof Coach
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