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Strawberry Laser Lipo is a cutting-edge body contouring procedure that effectively removes excess fat without any negative side effects. Utilizing cold laser technology, Strawberry Laser emulsifies fat, enabling patients to lose inches from their waist, hips and thighs.

Why Choose the Strawberry Laser?

The Strawberry Laser is the first non-invasive body contouring procedure to effectively remove excess fat without the negative side effects associated with surgical procedures. In fact, the Strawberry Laser is the only completely safe and effective non-invasive treatment for body slimming currently on the market. It is so effective that patients experience an average loss of 6.3 inches off of their waist, hips and thighs.

Compared to other body contouring procedures, such as Zeltig’s Cool Sculpting, Strawberry Laser offers overall fat loss from the body (giving an even slimming effect), while Zeltiq’s Cool Sculpting Cool Sculpting only targets specific body areas. Thus, Strawberry Laser is most ideal for patients who want an overall slimmer and more proportionate looking body (Zeltiq’s Cool Sculpting cannot guarantee that patients’ bodies will be in proportion or symmetrical after treatment).
Some patients notice results after only a few treatment sessions (i.e. their clothes are looser), but most experience significant circumferential reduction after a series of four to six sessions. A few patients even experience a circumferential loss of up to nine inches after completing a series of Strawberry Laser treatments. Strawberry Laser is effective on all skin types and tones. Strawberry Laser emulsifies fat cells, leading to significant circumferential reduction and an overall improvement of skin tone and shape.

Benefits of the Strawberry Laser Lipo

  • Non-surgical and non-invasive
  • Lose up to nine inches after a series of treatments
  • Shape and tone up skin
  • Effective and safe on all skin types and tones
  • No reported side effects
  • Ongoing fat loss days and weeks after treatment
  • Pain free and No downtime
Patients are required to commit to a series of six treatments every other day for two weeks, and they cannot exceed more than 72 hours between treatments. If more than 72 hours intervene, the fat cells may reuptake some of the fat. It is important for patients to adhere to a strict diet and exercise regime, with includes exercising for at least 30 minutes a day, drinking between 8 and 10 glasses of water daily, and refraining from caffeine and alcohol consumption (caffeine and alcohol interfere with the lymphatic process of removing and metabolizing fat, which could make the treatment less effective). By maintaining a healthy diet and exercise program, patients can expect long term results.

Is the Strawberry Laser Lipo for you?

The ideal candidate for Strawberry Laser is someone who wishes to lose overall inches from their waist, hips and thighs, producing a general slimming effect. Specifically, Strawberry Laser is most effective when used in patients who are already leading healthy lives and seeking weight loss in problem areas, such as the waist, hips and thighs, or who want to jump start their weight loss. Strawberry Laser is not ideal for individuals who cannot commit to a healthy lifestyle. Strawberry Laser procedures require patients to follow a healthy diet and moderate exercise regimen to keep the cells from refilling with fat.

Individuals with pacemakers also should not undergo Strawberry Laser treatments as they can interfere adversely with pacemakers. Women who have given birth should wait six weeks before using Strawberry Laser. It should be noted that Strawberry Laser is safe for individuals with diabetes and thyroid disorders, but the procedure might not be as effective.

Strawberry Laser utilizes cold laser technology, which emulsifies fat and allows it to move to interstitial space. More specifically, the cold laser technology’s low-level laser stimulation exclusively releases the cellular contents of fat cells while leaving the capillaries and other cells within the interstitial space intact. By disrupting the cell’s membrane, the cell then releases its fat contents. Once the fat contents are released, the body’s lymphatic system absorbs it. Basically, Strawberry Laser procedures cause fat cells to shrink, resulting in a loss of inches on areas such as the waist, hips and thighs.

During a Strawberry Laser treatment session, which takes approximately 40 minutes, patients are asked to lie down on a table. For the first 20 minutes, five cold lasers target patients’ front bodies, and for the remaining 20 minutes, the back part of their bodies is then treated.
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