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What does Primo Health Coach do? functional-medicine_researcher.jpg

While clinical nutrition is still an unlicensed field in almost every state and not widely regulated, I do follow and continue my studies in the principles of Functional Nutrition (a significant piece of the Functional Medicine approach) and I apply them in my practice to the degree that I am allowed by the laws governing the State of California. READ MY CLIENT CONSENT FORM

Functional Nutrition is nutrition-based care that is focused on building health by supporting the body in restoring its proper physiological functioning. When you have multiple symptoms these are clues to the ways in which your body is not functioning the way it should. Rather than suppress those symptoms with natural or pharmaceutical agents, we want to “read” those symptoms to understand which systems of your body need support to get back on track and get you healthy again. By looking at your whole picture -- diet, symptoms, illness history, medications, lifestyle, toxic exposure, history of antibiotic use, stress, lab work, etc., we are able to put together a personalized plan. That plan serves as an overall map of the nutrition your body needs to regain health and prevent illness.

In the areas of nutrition and lifestyle coaching, Primo Health Coach can advise, counsel, coordinate, educate, guide, inform, suggest and support. Primo Health Coach will research and access current nutrition information in order to implement positive behavior modification plans and to improve your nutrition patterns.

Primo Health Coach is trained to recognize the need to consult with other qualified professionals in other specialties. When your needs require assistance in those areas of expertise traditionally and legally set aside for others, Primo Health Coach will encourage and support you in seeking other qualified help.

Who benefits from the services of Primo Health Coach?

You can benefit if:

  • You want to promote good health in yourself or others
  • You recognize that improving personal lifestyle is important to raising personal health
  • You want to feel well, experience increased energy and improve overall health
  • You want the freedom to seek quality care that can result in high-level wellness; the kind of care that will sustain productivity and the quality of life into the later years
  • You desire more than today's standard level of health under attack from pollution, stress, denatured food, toxins and other variables
  • You are more interested in dealing with causes than effects and with the overall person, rather than specific parts or areas
  • You are willing to change unhealthy aspects of lifestyle in order to achieve improved health goals
  • You seek health care that involves preventative, non-invasive, individual oriented principles and techniques

What can Primo Health Coach do for you?

Develop a comprehensive nutrition profile, including nutrition lifestyle goals.
Primo Health Coach will assist you in developing a comprehensive, confidential nutrition analysis. Specialized training enables Primo Health Coach to ask you pertinent questions necessary for defining personal health goals and providing you a customized nutrition program.

Analyze current nutritional status and lifestyle behavior patterns.
There are many aspects involved in your nutritional status. Analysis of these components in conjunction with personal objectives, current lifestyle, and environmental factors by Primo Health Coach provides a major benefit towards achieving your health goals.

Identify weakness and recommend improvement.
Primo Health Coach's objective is to help you design a strategy for overcoming the weaknesses in your present health program and to provide specific recommendations to assist you in the achievement of improved health objectives.

Coordinate the implementation of your plan.
Any nutritional program, no matter how impressive or well designed, is worthless to you unless you implement it. The true talent of Primo Health Coach is seeing that all the elements of your program are put into effect and that you successfully carry them out. Primo Health Coach is also responsible for coordinating the works of any other needed specialists.

Some of the content for this article was adapted from "The Role of the Holistic Nutrition Professional," a brochure distributed as a public service by: The National Association for Nutrition Professionals.